At Art Hyde and Company we know that a business survives or fails depending on the day to day decisions made by those who operate it. If management has the financial resources, along with the expertise and leadership to develop and produce the best products or services, consumers will want to purchase those products or services.

padandcoffeeThey will want to spend their hard-earned money if those products and services are promoted properly to the right audience using the best and most cost-effective methods. Art Hyde and Company has decades of experience in the development of sophisticated business and marketing programs that are guaranteed to increase brand awareness, sales, and market share. We call it, “Yours and Mine Marketing.” This philosophyhas helped to realistically connect us to our clients in a way that has produced long-term relationships with mutual respect and success.

The meaning of “Yours and Mine Marketing” is simple. Yours is you, our client and expert in your field of business. Mine is us, the marketing professionals who know how to help you market successfully. Let’s face it, the most that marketing, advertising and public relations can do is set an expectation(s) that causes the right audience to want to buy your products or services instead of your competitions P&S. Therefore, our job at Art Hyde and Company is to be the best at driving the customer to you. Your job, as our client, is to fulfill that expectation(s) by providing consistent quality at a competitive price — or whatever the created expectation(s) demands.

It’s that simple. We use our experience, talent and resources to create the perfect expectation(s), and your company fulfills that expectation(s) so customers are happy with what they have purchased and want to buy more and more and more and more and more …


For the record, our company has experience in every type of marketing/advertising medium including: social media, website, email, Internet ,television, radio, billboard, direct mail, person to person, newspaper, magazine, newsletter, business to business, PR, and just about every other available tactical medium on the planet. And, our award-winning creative staff is one of the best in the industry.

Let’s get started.

Call us so we can meet and discuss ways to help your business grow and prosper.

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